Spinal cord injuries are common in motor vehicle accidents. Victims who are thrown from a car or motorcycle can suffer a spinal cord injury. However, anyone who is in a vehicle during a collision can suffer a devastating and life-altering spinal cord injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, the costs of a spinal cord injury can be substantial.

For instance, if the person is unable to return to work because of a permanent disability, the future lost wages for the rest of the person’s life could reach into the millions of dollars. Furthermore, the cost of ongoing medical care and personal care for a person who suffers partial or complete paralysis can be very expensive. In addition, the medical equipment and living modifications needed when a person suffers a spinal cord injury can be costly.

A victim of a spinal cord injury also suffers great emotional distress and mental anguish. The accident claim should also include compensation for a person’s pain and suffering associated with a spinal cord injury. It may be difficult to quantify the level of suffering a person may experience, but the damages for pain and suffering are just as relevant as the economic damages suffered because of a spinal cord injury.

Determining the damages resulting from a spinal cord injury can be complex. It may involve hiring several experts, including medical experts and financial experts, to prove the level of damages suffered because of the injury. Therefore, it is very important to work with an experienced New Orleans accident lawyer who can help you determine the value of your current claim and the value of your future claim to increase the chance you can receive maximum compensation for your spinal cord injury.

What is a Spinal Cord Injury?

A spinal cord injury occurs when there is any damage to the ligaments, disks, or vertebrae of the spinal column. Injury can also occur when the nerves of the spinal cord are damaged in an accident. In many cases, a spinal cord injury causes permanent changes in how the body functions. The damage may also cause permanent changes movement, sensation, and strength of one or more areas of the body. Common causes of spinal cord injuries include motor vehicle accidents, falls, assault, and sports-related injuries.

The level of permanent damage depends on the severity and location of the spinal cord injury. Typically, the level of impairment increases as you move up the spine. Injuries to the lower spinal cord may only impact the trunk, pelvis, and legs. However, injury to the upper portion of the spinal cord can cause permanent impairment of the arms and upper torso, including full paralysis.

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