Because accidents involving mature drivers seem to be increasing in some areas of the United States, some states have placed special restrictions on drivers who reach a specific age. The restrictions and rules vary from state to state and are often based on the statistics for that specific state. 

Louisiana does not have special traffic laws restricting a person’s driving privileges based solely on age; however, it does have some restrictions on driver licenses renewals for senior drivers. Furthermore, all drivers can be subject to driving restrictions if certain conditions warrant the restrictions.

Renewing Your Driver’s License in Louisiana After 70

Louisiana requires all drivers who are 70 years of age or older to renew their driver’s license in person every four years instead of using the online renewal process. At that time, the individual must pass a vision test or provide the required documentation from a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist. If an Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) employee believes a written or road test is necessary to renew the license, the driver must also submit to the test before his or her license can be renewed.

Restricting Driving Privileges in Louisiana

If a family member or other interested person believes a senior driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely is impaired, that person can submit a Report of Driver Condition or Behavior to the OMV for consideration. A medical provider can file a Medical Examination Form to report patients who the physician believes has an impairment that impacts driving ability. Both forms are for drivers of any age who may not be able to drive safely because of one or more conditions.

After an investigation by the OMV, if it is determined that the driver’s ability to operate a vehicle is impaired, the OMV may revoke or restrict driving privileges. Common driving restrictions placed on senior drivers include:

  • Restricting driving areas, such as no driving on highways or interstates
  • Installing additional mirrors
  • Restricting nighttime driving
  • Requiring an automatic transmission
  • Wearing corrective lenses and/or hearing aids
  • Installing hand controls in the vehicle

The restrictions are designed to help the driver remain safe and avoid traffic accidents.

Does Your Loved One Need to Stop Driving?

It can be very difficult for a senior to give up driving privileges. In many cases, seniors view giving up driving as giving up their independence. AAA has a guide for senior drivers with information on how to talk to your loved one about driving and signs that you should look for when deciding if it is time to give up the car keys.

Car Accidents and Senior Drivers

Many times a senior driver will be blamed for a car accident even though the collision is not his or her fault. Other drivers push the blame onto your loved one because of his or her age. This is not right, and you need to fight this injustice as aggressively as possible.

Contact Attorney Fred Olinde of The Olinde Firm by calling (504) 587-1440 or 1-800-587-1889 to request a free consultation with a New Orleans accident attorney. We want to help you and your loved one fight to prove he or she was not responsible for the collision. It is our goal to see that the responsible driver compensates your loved one for all damages related to the traffic accident.