Many people will jump-start their summer travel plans over Memorial Day Weekend. Unfortunately, many families will have a member who is injured in a summer accident. To prevent summer travel injuries, practice these summer travel safety tips.

Staying Safe While Away from Home

Before you leave home, make copies of all important documents such as your identification, insurance cards, credit cards, etc. Keep one copy at home or leave it with a trusted friend or relative and place the other copy in a secure location with your luggage. If your wallet or purse is stolen, you have the information with you to cancel credit cards. You also have your insurance information and passport/identification information right at hand.

Remember, carrying cash can be dangerous. If you lose your wallet or it is stolen, cash cannot be replaced. Carry only as much cash as you think you will need in addition to your credit cards. While traveling, don’t display valuables and always lock your doors. Also, make sure you always are aware of your personal safety. Don’t travel in areas that are deserted or unfamiliar and always park in well-lit areas.

Staying Healthy on Your Trip

If you take medication each day, make sure you have a sufficient supply for your trip. Ask your physician to give you a written prescription in case you lose your supply while out of town. Pack a first-aid kit in case of injuries. In addition to your basic personal information, take your health insurance information with you. If you are traveling outside of the country, verify your policy covers care outside of the United States. If not, check into a travel health insurance policy.

Bring antibacterial hand gel or wipes with you to wipe down surfaces on airplanes, restaurants, hotels, and other high-traffic areas to prevent contracting a disease. Remember to eat a healthy diet, move around on long trips, and wear sunscreen. It is easy to forget these basic healthy habits when on vacation; however, these are the habits that can keep you and your family from becoming ill or injured this summer.

Drive Safely

As we begin the summer vacation season, more people will be on the road traveling to various vacation destinations.  The increase in traffic can be frustrating when you want to just get to your destination. Unfortunately, the increase in traffic can also be dangerous.

When you are on the road, you need to be aware that there could be a higher number of drunk, fatigued, aggressive, distracted, and reckless drivers. To protect yourself and your family:

  • Slow down
  • Never drive when fatigued
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Take regular breaks
  • Avoid all distractions
  • Put more distance between you and other vehicles
  • Have your vehicle checked by a mechanic and serviced before you leave

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer. If you are injured in an accident this summer, our law firm is here to help you as you file an injury claim to recover compensation for your losses and damages.

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