After a traffic accident, you will be contacted by the insurance adjuster for the other driver if you did not cause the accident. The insurance adjuster may tell you that he is here to help you receive compensation for your injuries and you do not need an attorney. That is the first incorrect thing the insurance adjuster is going to tell you.

An insurance adjuster is going to try to deny your claim or settle the case for as little as possible — that is his job. He does not want you to retain an attorney because he knows an attorney will advise you to take steps to protect your claim.

Unfortunately, many people believe they can handle their claim themselves by working with the insurance adjuster. Sadly, this often backfires because dealing with an insurance company can be tricky and complicated. It is wise to contact The Olinde Law Firm for a free consultation to protect your right to recover full compensation for your injuries.

First Contact by The Insurance Adjuster

Once the insurance company for the other driver receives your claim, it will assign an insurance adjuster to your case. The insurance adjuster is responsible for investigating and processing your claim. Remember, the adjuster represents the best interest of the insurance company. He does not represent your best interest regardless of what he may tell you.

The adjuster wants to get all the information possible from you before you speak with an attorney.  He knows once an attorney is involved, the attorney will advise you not to provide written or recorded statements or sign releases without the attorney present. Therefore, the adjuster may tell you he cannot process your claim without your statement and a signed medical release. This is not true. The adjuster simply wants to obtain information he can use to deny or devalue your claim.

For example, if the insurance adjuster can get you to admit you were running late to work and you had a meeting with your boss, he may argue that you were speeding and distracted thereby contributing to the cause of the accident. If he can successfully argue this theory, you could receive less money than you deserve.

Are Insurance Adjusters Bad People?

No, they are just doing their jobs. However, some adjusters are much more aggressive and use questionable tactics when performing their job duties. It is always in your best interest to consult with an experienced New Orleans car accident attorney before you talk to an insurance adjuster. It does not cost you anything to meet with one of our attorneys; therefore, you have nothing to lose and more to gain than trying to take on the insurance adjuster alone.

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