When you think about riding your motorcycle, safety should be at the top of your mind. As summer approaches, more riders will hit the roads to enjoy our beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are at an elevated risk for being injured and killed in an accident for several reasons.

The main reason is because of the lack of protection offered by the vehicle. A car provides a driver or passenger with a level of protection that a motorcycle rider does not have. In addition, even with the increased awareness of watching for motorcyclists, motorcycles are still widely ignored by motorists until it is too late. Countless drivers claim to have “never seen” the motorcycle before the accident.

Because drivers are not paying attention, it is up to a motorcyclist to take precautions to avoid a motorcycle accident.  The first step is to place safety first when you are riding.

Putting Safety First on The Road

Other Motorists

When you are riding, you should be looking for other drivers. Assume that other drivers do not see you and will not stop. As you approach intersections, look for drivers who are about to turn left. When riding down a street, be cautious of drivers opening doors in front of your motorcycle as you ride beside parked vehicles. A motorcyclist should ride as if every driver poses a dangerous and real threat to the rider.

Safety Equipment

Helmets and protective gear do not prevent motorcycle accidents, but they do reduce the risk of death and severe injury. Always wear a motorcycle helmet each time you ride. Wear gloves, boots, leather clothing, and other protective gear to protect your body in the event of a crash.

Learn How to Ride

If you have never owned a motorcycle, take a motorcycle driving course to learn how to handle your motorcycle. These classes teach much more than just how to drive a motorcycle. They teach you how to handle various situations. That knowledge can help you prevent a motorcycle accident.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

Sadly, no matter how prepared you are you cannot control the weather, road conditions, or other drivers. You may encounter a situation that causes a crash. If this happens, seek immediate medical attention by calling 911.  Request a police officer come to the accident scene to file an accident report. You need to document the scene in every way possible. If you can take pictures, take pictures of the scene, including the vehicles and surrounding area.

As soon as possible, contact a motorcycle accident attorney to discuss your options. Insurance companies love to blame the rider and label him or her as “reckless” and “careless.” These labels are not true, but some people believe that all motorcyclists are reckless and careless. Our attorneys know how to fight this unfair prejudice. We fight for justice on your behalf.

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