There are some companies who are taking advantage of people who have been diagnosed with cancer or who fear developing cancer. These companies are selling “cancer drugs” or “cancer treatments” that are not only useless they are illegal. Last week the FDA took action against 15 of these companies according to a release by the Food and Drug Administration.

Illegal Cancer Drugs

In warning and online advisory letters, the FDA identified 18 companies that are illegally selling cancer drugs that promise to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure cancer.  These drugs have not been tested by or approved by the FDA. The fraudulent drugs are sold mostly on social media or other online platforms.

A spokesman for the FDA warned that consumers should not use these drugs because the products could be unsafe and could prevent a person from seeking the actual care that could save their lives. He further went on to urge consumers to consult a health care professional about cancer treatments, testing, and prevention. Over the past ten years, the FDA has issued 90 warning letters to companies manufacturing and/or marketing fraudulent cancer drugs.

If you have adverse reactions after taking any defective drug, including these fraudulent cancer drugs, the FDA encourages you to report your experience through the agency’s MedWatch program.

By reporting the problem, you may be able to help prevent it from happening to another person. You can also urge the FDA to take action to stop the sale of the drug.

The companies that received Warning Letters according to the FDA website were:

  • AIE Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Amazing Sour Sop, Inc.
  • BioStar Technology International, LLC
  • Caudill Seed & Warehouse Inc.
  • com
  • Everything Herbs
  • Hawk Dok Natural Salve, LLC
  • Healing Within Products & Services, Inc.
  • LifeVantage Corporation
  • Nature’s Treasure, Inc.
  • Oxygen Health Systems, LLC
  • Sunstone, Inc. Chelated
  • The Vibrant Health Store, LLC dba Dr. Christopher’s Herbs
  • The Vitamin C Foundation

The companies that received Advisory Letters according to the FDA website were:

  • CellMark Biopharma LLC
  • Landis Revin, LLC
  • Nathans Natural

Do I Have Rights If I Am Injured by An Illegal or Defective Drug?

Companies have a duty of care to consumers to produce drugs that are safe for use. When a company fails in that duty of care, the breach may result in the consumer receiving compensation from the drug company. The above companies have not only put defective drugs on the market; the FDA is issuing letters that the drugs may be illegal.

If you are injured by one of these drugs or another dangerous drug, it is important that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. You have a limited time to file a claim for a defective drug; therefore, you need to act quickly to protect your right to recover compensation for your injuries, losses, and damages. A defective or dangerous drug claim is a complex undertaking. Don’t wait and don’t hire an attorney who doesn’t have experience handling these types of injury claims.

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