As many families head out on their family vacations this year, they will take their pets with them in the car. Unfortunately, many people will not think about the need to secure their pet in the vehicle while traveling. According to an AAA/Kurgo survey in 2011, only 16 percent of the respondents said they use a pet restraint in their vehicle, even though 83 percent said that an unrestrained pet in a moving car could pose a danger.Other information gained from the survey included:

  • 52% of people petted their animals while driving
  • 23% of driver used their arms or hands to hold their dog in place while applying the brakes
  • 19% of drivers admitted to removing at least one hand from the steering wheel to prevent the dog from jumping from the back seat to the front seat
  • 42% of respondents said they don’t use a restraint because their dog is calm
  • 12% of people said they do not restrain their pet because they want to allow him to put his head out of the car window

Restraining Your Pet While Traveling

Sadly, drivers do not consider an unrestrained pet to be a problem until a tragedy occurs.  Jennifer Huebner-Davidson, AAA National Traffic Safety Programs Manager said, “An unrestrained 10-pound dog in a crash at only 30 mph will exert roughly 300 pounds of pressure, while an unrestrained 80-pound dog in a crash at only 30 mph will exert approximately 2,400 pounds of pressure. Imagine the devastation that can cause to your pet and anyone in its path.” Drivers must take steps to protect themselves and their pets if they intend to travel with their animals.

There are several types of pet restraints you can purchase for your vehicle, including pet carriers and pet barriers. You can also purchase special harnesses that work with your seatbelts to provide protection for your pet while traveling. If you want your pet to be able to see out of the windows, purchase a special pet booster seat that secures your pet while allowing your pet to see out of the windows to pass the time in the car.

For more information about traveling with your pet by car, you can visit the ASPCA website or Consumer Report website.

The key is to prepare for your trip with your pet by taking steps to keep him safe and comfortable. If you purchase the correct safety equipment and prepare your pet for the trip, you can have a safe and enjoyable road trip with your pet this summer.

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