Commercial trucks are one of the most efficient forms of transporting goods throughout the United States. However, these extremely large, heavy vehicles pose a real danger to others using the roads with these trucks. In a commercial truck accident, the chance of being injured is highest if you are the driver or occupant of the other vehicle. Because truck accident claims are different from accident claims involving only passenger vehicles, there are some things you should know if you are injured in a New Orleans commercial truck accident.

Number 1: You Need Medical Attention

It is always in your best interest to seek immediate medical attention after a commercial truck accident.  Most accidents result in traumatic injuries for the occupants of the other vehicles. Regardless of whether you believe you are injured, seek immediate medical attention. You need to protect your health and document your injuries for your claim. Don’t give the insurance company any reason to deny your claim, such as a delay in seeking medical help.

Number 2: The Reason for The Crash Is Very Important

To receive compensation for your injuries, you must prove that the driver or another party was responsible for the crash. In a commercial truck accident, more than one party could be liable for your injuries. You want to identify all parties to maximize your chance of receiving full compensation. An experienced NOLA truck accident attorney will perform an independent investigation to determine the responsible parties.

Number 3: You Need a Legal Team on Your Side

The insurance company and the trucking company will have a team of professionals, including adjusters, investigators, and attorneys representing their best interest. You deserve to have a team on your side who will protect your legal rights and look out for your best interests.

Number 4: The Insurance Company Will Try to Settle for Less Than the Value of Your Claim

Commercial truck accident claims usually involve substantial damages and high-dollar settlements. If the insurance company knows it cannot get out of paying the claim, it may try to offer a quick settlement that is much lower than the actual value of the case to entice you to settle. Don’t fall for this tactic. Always consult an experienced New Orleans truck accident attorney before settling a claim.

Number 5: You May Be Entitled to Additional Compensation

In addition to reimbursement for your financial losses (i.e. medical bills, lost wages, property damage, etc.), you may be entitled to receive compensation for non-economic losses.  Non-economic losses include emotional stress, physical pain, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. Your NoLA truck accident attorney can explain more about damages during your free legal consultation.

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