The insurance adjuster for the other driver may refer to your crash as a “fender bender” or “minor collision” because speed was not a large factor in the crash. However, low-impact car crashes can result in serious injuries for the driver and passenger.

Insurance adjusters and insurance companies make light of the soft tissue injuries incurred in a low impact car crash. However, you can suffer injuries that cause long-term problems and even permanent disabilities. The best example of a low-impact car crash is a rear-end crash.

Do I Need a New Orleans Accident Attorney?

Yes, you should consult with a New Orleans accident attorney if you are involved in a low impact car crash. As discussed above, insurance adjusters and the companies they work for minimalize injuries in this type of motor vehicle accident. The adjuster will search for any way to deny your claim, including alleging you could not be severely injured in a low impact crash.

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Common Injuries in Low Impact Car Accidents

You can sustain any of the same injuries in a low impact accident that you can in a high-speed accident. However, most of the injuries sustained in low speed rear-end crashes are involve the head, neck, and back injuries.

Because the injuries involve soft tissue damage, such as whiplash, it can be hard to prove that you are in pain. It can also be difficult to prove that the injury keeps you from working or performing normal tasks. Therefore, it is important to document your daily pain level and list all symptoms you experience because of the accident. Seeing a doctor as soon as possible is also important for both your health and your claim. A doctor documents the severity of your injury in addition to providing medical treatment.

Damages in a car accident can be substantial, even in a low impact collision. Contact our office to discuss how we can help you receive a fair settlement for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Common Causes of Low Impact Car Crashes

Distracted driving is the most common cause of rear-end collisions, and low-impact crashes. However, it is not the only cause of these accidents. Drunk and drugged driving are also a factor in crashes as is drowsy and fatigued driving. Following too closely and driving too fast for conditions are also common causes of car crashes. While traffic and other conditions can play a role, it is most often human error that results in a car accident.

To avoid a low impact car crash, pay close attention to the road in front of you and limit distractions while driving. Never drive after drinking and always get a good night’s sleep before driving long distances. Even though you cannot control what other drivers do behind the wheel, you can take steps to reduce your risk of causing a low impact accident.

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