If you are in a traffic accident as a passenger, who can you sue to recover compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses? Can you sue the driver of the car you were riding in or can you sue another party? Our New Orleans car accident attorneys can provide you with the legal advice you need to help you decide what option is best for you.

Passengers Are Protected

As a passenger, you don’t have to worry about another driver trying to blame you for the traffic accident. You didn’t have any control over the vehicle — you are an innocent victim. The driver of your vehicle has a duty to make sure you are safe. However, that driver cannot be held liable for another driver’s negligence or recklessness. Therefore, determining fault is the first step we take in deciding who you should sue for your damages.

If you are in a one car accident, you typically sue the driver of your vehicle if the insurance company refuses to settle for a fair amount. The driver may have been speeding, texting, or driving recklessly and caused the accident but the insurance company refuses to pay. We file a lawsuit against the driver to force the insurance company to defend its position.

In a multiple care accident, the matter becomes more complicated. We must determine who caused the accident because the at-fault party is the party liable for your damages. That person could be the driver of your vehicle, or it could be the driver of the other vehicle. Sometimes, the insurance companies for both drivers deny fault. It is our job to sort out the complex issues to decide the best course of action to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

In a few unique cases, you may have a third party who could be liable for your damages. For example, if an airbag caused additional injuries when it inflated during the accident, you may have a claim against the manufacturer. Another example would be if your seat belt failed to restrain you during the accident because it came loose. You might have a claim against the seatbelt or vehicle manufacturer.

The main objective is to recover full compensation for your damages, including compensation for your:

  • Past, present, and future medical costs
  • Past, present, and future loss of income
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident
  • Physical pain, mental anguish, and emotional suffering
  • Permanent disabilities, scarring, or disfigurement

To recover compensation, we must prove fault. We won’t stop investigating until we have uncovered all liable parties so we can increase your chance of receiving the maximum allowable compensation for your claim.

Call a New Orleans Car Accident Attorney for More Information

If you are injured as a passenger, you need an attorney who understands the unique issues related to a passenger injury claim. Our New Orleans car accident attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and resources you want backing you when you fight the insurance companies for your compensation. We are that law firm!

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