URGENT – Your Rights Are About To Be Severely Limited By New Laws Favoring Big Pharma

This week and next week certain bills that were rushed through the House Judiciary Committee without one single hearing are coming up for a vote on the House floor. These bills favor Big Pharma and no one (no victims, no attorneys for victims, no victim advocates, no one who stands up for victim’s rights) was allowed to provide testimony about how these laws will seriously and detrimentally impact a victim’s ability to seek compensation for injuries caused by defective medical products and dangerous drugs.

Who is speaking up for your rights as a victim of Big Pharma? In this case, it needs to be you!

What Bills Are Being Voted on This Week?

I believe you must know about these bills because they could limit your ability to recover compensation for injuries caused by defective drugs and defective medical devices.

H.R. 725 Innocent Party Protection Act

If this Act is passed, Big Pharma and other corporations will be permitted to have lawsuits transferred to courts that favor Big Pharma. Having your consumer lawsuit transferred by the defendant to a court that favors the defendant reduces your chance of a fair outcome.

H.R. 720 Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act

This Act will cause Rule 11 sanctions to be imposed on attorneys who bring novel legal cases. It is intended to discourage attorneys and clients from filing lawsuits. Victims and their attorneys should never be discouraged or threatened with sanctions for filing a lawsuit when a defective product injures a person.

H.R. 985 Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act

This Act will severely limit the ability of victims to join with others to bring class action lawsuits against corporations. Class action lawsuits are sometimes the best way to get compensation for accident victims when the same drug or medical device has injured thousands of victims.

H.R. 906 Furthering Asbestos Claims Transparency Act

The provisions of this Act will assist in the delay and denial of asbestos claims. Victims dying of asbestos may not receive the compensation they deserve, and families and victims could lose their right to privacy if this act is passed.

H.R. 1215 Protecting Access to Care Act

This act will limit victims from filing certain claims when dangerous drugs, defective medical devices, and medical malpractice injure them. The Act also applies to patients injured or killed in nursing homes.

H.R. 732 Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act

This new law is aimed at charities and non-profits. It will prohibit these entities from receiving compensation from corporations that commit widespread harm to the public.

What Can We Do?

We need to speak out NOW!  We need to contact our Congress members and tell them not to pass these laws. We need to tell Congress that we don’t want Big Pharma to hurt accident victims again. Victims have already suffered enough harm because of dangerous drugs and defective medical products.

Congress MUST protect the rights of injury victims to hold Big Pharma and other corporations accountable when they injure people.

For More Information Contact Our Office NOW!

If you have more questions about what Congress is attempting to do to limit your right to receive compensation when a defective product injures you, you can call Attorney Fred Olinde of The Olinde Firm by calling (504) 587-1440 or 1-800-587-1889. Our defective product attorneys are well versed in the areas of dangerous drugs, defective medical devices, and defective drugs. In addition to contacting our office, you can visit the website for Take Justice Back to get more information about what you can do to prevent these bills from being signed into law. See the links below for attorneys and victims.

Other attorneys can find information here that can help them and their clients fight this injustice.

For victims, the information on this page can help you make calls and write letters to tell Congress to vote NO on anti-civil justice legislation.