Speeding causes thousands of deaths and injuries each year throughout the United States, including New Orleans. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that speeding accidents killed 9,262 people in 2014. Even though speed increases a driver’s risk of being involved in a fatal car accident, many drivers choose to ignore this danger and continue to speed even though they know exceeding the posted speed limit is dangerous and illegal.

If a driver chooses to exceed a safe speed limit for road conditions, that driver can be held liable in a civil action if he causes a car crash. Victims of speeding accidents should contact the New Orleans car accident attorneys of The Olinde Firm for a free consultation to discuss what they need to do to receive compensation for their injuries.

Reasons for Speeding in New Orleans

The NHTSA discusses reasons for speeding even though speeding contributes to approximately 28 percent of fatal car crashes. Some of the reasons why NoLA drivers may exceed safe speed limits include:

  • Running Late – Most of us can relate to being late for work, school, or social function. Running late is one of the common reasons why many people speed. It is also a common reason for speeding accidents. There will be times when you will run late, but your life is not worth trying to speed to get to your destination just a few minutes earlier than if you obey the speed limit.
  • Traffic Congestion – No one wants to be stuck in traffic but speeding as soon as you get a break is not the answer. Traffic congestion is the source of road rage, reckless driving, speeding, and aggressive driving. The best choice is to remain calm (there is nothing you can do) and realize it is best to arrive at your destination safely rather than a few minutes earlier.
  • Anonymity – If a driver believes he is anonymous, he is more likely to speed. This occurs when a driver feels isolated and sequestered.
  • Disregard for Others and the Law – Some drivers simply have no regard for the law or others on the road. Most people speed occasionally, but these drivers speed most of the time they drive and have no concern for how their behavior may impact the lives of other people or the fact that speeding is against the law.

Call a NoLA Car Accident Attorney for Help

Regardless of the reason why a driver speeds, if that driver causes a crash he is responsible for the damages that result from that crash. Damages may include property damage, lost wages, medical bills, and physical pain. Even if the driver is driving below the speed limit, if the road conditions or other conditions make that speed dangerous, the driver can be charged with a traffic offense.

Before assuming you don’t have a claim against a speeding driver because it was raining or traffic was heavy, consult with a NoLA car accident attorney to discuss your case and your options to receive compensation for injuries.

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