When a front seat fails to function properly, it not only poses a risk to the person sitting in it in a car accident, but it can lead to injury for the person sitting behind the seat. Seat back failures are more common than you might think, and several lawsuits have been filed for seat back failure because they put children at risk.

The Danger

When a front seat does not work properly, it may cause the person to fly back into whoever is in the seat behind them during a motor vehicle accident. This most often occurs in a rear-end collision, but it can occur in any type of collision. In fact, in several instances, the child in the back seat suffered permanent injury, including brain damage and loss of vision and hearing, because the seat back in front of the child failed during a car crash. Some children have died as a result of the impact from the front seat back.

The front-seat occupant is pushed back so quickly and with such heavy force during a collision that the rear-seat occupant is partially crushed. The child or adult in the back seat has no protection from the front seat.

Low Safety Standards

The safety standards for seats in a vehicle are low, which means manufacturers do not have to take steps to correct the problems with their seats. Many manufacturers have failed to acknowledge a problem with the design while a few manufacturers have designed seats that are well above minimum requirements.

It is recommended that people contact their legislator and ask them to do something about this issue. New standards need to be put into place to hold manufacturers accountable for the design of vehicle seats. According to an engineer who was deposed for a lawsuit, it only costs about one dollar to have the defect repaired.

Not only do car manufacturers know about the defect, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has also been aware of the problem for decades. This information comes from a report by CBS News investigative report. Over 100 people have been killed or severely injured because of this defect since 1989.

If you have been injured or had a child injured because of a seat back malfunction, you should seek the advice and help of an experienced New Orleans product liability attorney to build a case against the manufacturer. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses as well as other damages relevant to the claim. Discuss your situation with an experienced attorney who will help you determine your next step. Don’t let car manufacturers continue to build defective vehicles without being held for their negligence.

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