When you are in the hospital, you assume that everything in your room and everything being used to treat you is safe. This assumption is not always correct. Injuries caused by defective equipment and medical malpractice are common in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the United States.  One of the most recent reports of defective products in hospitals are the medical carts used by staff members.

FDA Warning Letter

The FDA has issued a letter to healthcare professionals warning of the safety risk associated with battery-powered medical carts. Reports of fires, explosions, overheating, and smoking associated with the batteries in these medical devices have been reported to the FDA. These mobile medical carts have a variety of uses including dispensing medication, updating medical records, monitoring patients, and providing point of care to patients. However, many of these medical carts use lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries. In many cases, the same types of batteries that have been linked to other defective products, including hoverboards, Galaxy Note 7 cell phones, and e-cigarettes.

The FDA has received 12 reports of incidents involving medical carts catching on fire, smoking, or melting. Therefore, the FDA has issued several recommendations to medical professionals for the use of medical carts including:

  • Inspect batteries for damage
  • Notify manufacturers of damaged batteries
  • Vacuum medical carts to remove dust and lint around the batteries and chargers
  • If batteries do not charge properly, cease use immediately
  • Keep explosive and flammable objects away from medical carts
  • Do not attach objects or tape objects to battery charger

Medical professionals are also advised to report any adverse events related to medical carts or battery chargers to the FDA immediately.

Defective lithium batteries have caused serious injuries in the United States, including severe burns and permanent scarring and disfigurement. Medical professionals should review the FDA’s letter in detail and take steps to protect patients and others from injury caused by defective medical carts and defective batteries and chargers.

New Orleans Defective Medical Device Attorneys

If a defective medical device injures you, you have the right to receive compensation for your injuries. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, physical therapy, surgeries, personal care, property damage, physical pain, and mental anguish. However, you must take steps to protect your right to recover compensation. If you fail to act quickly, you may lose your right to file a product liability lawsuit.

The New Orleans defective medical device attorneys of The Olinde Firm have extensive experience representing clients in Louisiana and throughout the United States who have been injured by a defective medical device. We offer free case evaluations and legal consultations so you can get the facts about defective medical device claims.

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