The thrill of riding a motorcycle is one of the main reasons a person chooses to buy motorcycle over another vehicle. Motorcycles also have practical benefits such as easier parking in a busy city and reduced fuel costs. The downside of owning a motorcycle is the increased risk of an accident. In addition, motorcyclists have an increased risk of serious injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident. As New Orleans motorcycle accident attorneys, we see the devastation caused by motorcycle accidents. If you can take steps to reduce your risk of a serious motorcycle accident, you should. This includes when you are purchasing a motorcycle.

Are You Considering a Used Motorcycle?

Buying a used vehicle is an option that many people like because they can afford the type of vehicle they want without paying the high price for a new vehicle. However, when you are buying any used vehicle, you should use caution, especially if that vehicle is a motorcycle. Below are three tips that can help you stay safe when you are buying a used motorcycle.

Select the Right Bike for You

While a flashy bike might capture your attention, it may not be the right choice for your skills and needs. There are three main types of bikes you can choose from – street, off-road, and those with both street and off-road capabilities. Each style of motorcycle has different positions for the rider, various amounts of power, and specific features. You’ll want a lighter weight bike if you plan to use it mainly in the city. A heavier bike may suit you if you plan to ride on the highway or go off-road.

Inspect Your Bike

Take the used motorcycle you’re considering to a mechanic for a thorough inspection before you buy. Make sure it’s in good condition and won’t cause you problems when you’re out on the road. You want to know that the bike is safe to ride before you make the final decision to purchase.

Go for a Test Ride

A common mistake that people make when buying a new or used vehicle is they only take a short test drive around the block or down the street. You want to conduct a thorough test drive in various situations to see how well the motorcycle handles. Take it out on the city streets and see how well it maneuvers around turns. Then, take it on the open highway and increase the speed. You want to make sure the bike runs well and is easy for you to handle. You want to feel safe when you ride and have a bike you can handle.

Hiring a New Orleans Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A motorcycle can be a lot of fun and be an economical choice for transportation. However, they can be dangerous, especially if you buy a bike you can’t handle. Even with the right bike, you are still at an increased risk for an accident on the highway. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need to contact an attorney to ensure you receive the compensation you need for your injury.

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