New Year’s Day is a time to reflect on the things that went right in 2016 and how we want to improve our lives in 2017. Many people make New Year’s resolutions each year because they want to change something in their lives. From finances to health, resolutions give us goals for the upcoming year. However, many people give up on their resolutions long before reaching their goals. Only a small percentage of people achieve their goals.

This year we wanted to help you keep your resolutions for 2017. Below are several tips we thought might be beneficial as you work to achieve your goals this year. 

Be as Specific as Possible

Vague resolutions tend to be thrown to the side by the end of the month. If you set a specific long-term goal with short-term goals you need to achieve to reach your ultimate goal, you are more likely to succeed.

For example, if you want to lose weight, saying, “I want to lose weight this year” may not be the best resolution. A better resolution would be, “I want to lose 90 pounds this year.” Then you set short-term goals that help you lose those 90 pounds. Examples of short-term goals might include adding three 30-minute walks each week to your schedule and going to the gym a certain number of times each month.

Don’t Give Up After a Setback

If you have a setback, put it behind you and keep going forward. In the case of losing weight, if you don’t quite reach the number of visits to the gym this month, set your mind to meet your goal next month. You are probably going to have some failures, but the key is to keep going and not give up on yourself or your goals.

Write Down Your Resolution and Plan

Writing down your resolution and the steps to reach your goal helps you visualize your strategy. Put your written resolution somewhere you can see it several times a day as a reminder of what you are working toward.

Tell A Friend

Tell a friend or family member about your resolution. Your friends and family members are great cheerleaders to help you celebrate your success throughout the year.  Furthermore, they hold you accountable if you begin to struggle.

Use Technology to Help

There are many apps that can help you as you work to keep your resolution. Apps to track your weight loss and finances are just two examples of apps you can use to reach your goals in 2017.

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