Do you pay more for auto insurance just because you live in New Orleans? According to one survey, your insurance rates are the highest in Louisiana.

ValuePenguin, a pro-consumer financial website, conducted a study of insurance rates throughout the United States. After analyzing the data collected, it determined that Louisiana ranked sixth in the United States for the most expensive automobile insurance rates. The data used consisted of rates based on a 30-year old male driver with a clean driving record.

Why Are Rates in New Orleans Higher Than Anywhere Else in Louisiana?

Insurance rates can vary for a variety of reasons including fatality rates, accident statistics, heavy traffic, and other factors. ValuePenguin said one of the factors for the higher rates in New Orleans is that I-10, the fourth most dangerous interstate in America, is the site of numerous traffic accidents. Baton Rouge, which also has I-10 running through it, has high insurance rates, the eight highest rates in Louisiana.

ValuePenguin’s study revealed that the average insurance rate in New Orleans for a 30-year old male driver was about $3,110 per year. Compare this to Minden where the insurance rate for the same driver would be about $1,796 per year. On average, drivers in New Orleans pay approximately 27 percent more for their auto insurance than drivers who live in other parts of Louisiana.

It Does Not Pay to Drive Without Insurance Coverage

Louisiana requires drivers to purchase minimum insurance coverage to operate a motor vehicle in the state. Most drivers understand if they don’t have the minimum insurance coverage, they risk fines and suspension of their driver’s license. However, they may not understand they face additional consequences if they choose to drive without automobile insurance in Louisiana.

Louisiana’s “No Play No Play” law penalizes uninsured drivers who are injured in a traffic accident, even if the uninsured driver is not at fault for the accident. Under the law, if an uninsured driver is injured in a car accident, he is barred from recovering the first fifteen thousand dollars in bodily injury damages and the first twenty-five thousand dollars in property damages from the driver who caused the accident.  The penalty is designed to discourage drivers from disobeying the state’s minimum insurance requirements.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

In addition to carrying minimum insurance coverage, you should also consider carrying uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you if you are injured in an accident with an uninsured motorist. If the uninsured motorist is at fault for the collision, your insurance company should cover your damages up to the amount of your uninsured motorist coverage. However, you may still want to consult with a New Orleans car accident attorney to ensure you are being treated fairly, even though you are dealing with your insurance company.

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