A car accident can lead to serious injuries, including those that are not immediately known. It can take time to recover from this kind of accident, and back pain can be an indication of something more severe even if you can walk and move around. It’s important to seek medical treatment even for low-grade back pain.

After a car accident, you may think you are basically fine, except for minor pain around your back. You may feel that just some OTC pain medication will take care of the problem and no other medical care is needed. What you may fail to realize is back pain could be an indicator of other unseen problems which will worsen over time.

The back is a complex part of your body, which controls your limbs and impacts your organs. It is made up of nerves, muscles, bones and more, which can easily be damaged in an accident.

Common Back Injuries from a Car Accident

Bruising of soft tissue is a common result of a car accident. The muscles, as well as the tendons and ligaments, may be stretched and bruised by the force of impact. While this condition often heals on its own, certain movements and actions may cause further issues.

A fracture is another result commonly seen in a car accident. Compression fractures occur due to the force of the impact in a collision whish shifts the entire spinal column into itself. While these fractures often heal on their own, it does put you at risk for other conditions, including paralysis.

With transverse fractures, your spine moves to the sides or twists in one direction. It moves past the point of natural flexibility, which causes the fracture.

A herniated disk is another condition which can result from a car accident. Between every vertebra in your back is a disk made of cartilage. The force of an accident can cause the disk to move outward, which will result in pain that worsens over time and may require surgery for repair.

The Result of a Back Injury

Because your back is involved in everything you do, you may be limited after a back injury. You may be unable to work because of the pain or risk of further injury. Serious injuries may even mean you must stay in bed for some time. The result is lost wages and a poor quality of life while you heal. In severe cases such as paralysis, the damage may be permanent.

If you have been injured in a car accident and are suffering from back pain, it’s essential that you see a doctor for treatment. You also need to hire an attorney to represent you, in this case, to be assured of receiving compensation. It becomes even more important to have legal counsel if you did not seek help immediately following the accident. It becomes more difficult to prove your injury is related to the incident. An experienced attorney will work hard to help you receive due compensation for your injury.

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