Motor vehicle accidents can be serious with lifelong consequences. Determining fault in a traffic accident can be complicated, especially if there are conflicting stories. Treating injuries from the accident can be expensive. In many instances, you need a New Orleans accident attorney to represent you, especially if you have been the victim of someone else’s carelessness or negligence.

Reasons to Hire A New Orleans Accident Attorney

There are two main reasons you need an attorney for an accident claim. First, you may need help proving liability if the other party isn’t admitting fault. An attorney reviews the case and performs his own accident investigation to find evidence to support your claim.

The second reason is if you admit fault, even inadvertently. You may claim to be partially at fault because of something you say, such as “Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention.” Because insurance companies are looking for ways to limit the amount of money they must pay to accident victims, companies use statements like this to reduce the settlement amount by declaring you were partially responsible for the accident.

Minor Motor Vehicle Accidents

When a motor vehicle accident is minor with no immediate injuries, most parties decide to take care of the claim through their insurance companies without getting an attorney involved. The problem with this scenario is that not all injuries produce symptoms immediately.

If you begin suffering symptoms weeks or months later, it can be much more difficult to prove the injuries are from the motor vehicle accident, especially if you claimed to be fine immediately after the collision. You would need an attorney to prove the delayed symptoms are indeed the result of the motor vehicle accident even if our symptoms became apparent months after the collision.

Whether you are at fault or the victim of a traffic accident from someone else’s negligence, you need to hire an attorney. An attorney can provide legal representation to ensure your legal rights are protected.

Hire A New Orleans Accident Attorney Right Away

It’s best to hire an attorney right away, so the attorney can begin following the case and accumulating evidence necessary to support your claim. For individuals with major trauma injuries, damages can be substantial. The insurance company for the other driver may aggressively fight the claim to avoid paying. Having an attorney on your side as soon as possible is in your best interest. Furthermore, hiring an attorney allows you to focus on the treatment of your injuries and your recovery.

Call Our New Orleans Accident Attorney For More Information

If you were injured in a car accident and didn’t hire legal counsel immediately, it’s not too late. Even if months go by before you realize the extent of your injuries or you reach an impasse with the insurance company after months of negotiations, you can still hire an attorney to help you.

However, don’t wait too long to consult with our attorneys. You do have a limited time to file a car accident lawsuit under Louisiana’s statute of limitations. Once that deadline passes, you lose your right to recover compensation from the other driver.

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