WWLTV is reporting a story involving several tourists being struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Roosevelt Street and Canal Street while on a bicycle tour. According to the story, several people on a bicycle tour owned by Free Wheelin’ Bike Tours were at the intersection waiting for a red light to change to proceed when a vehicle began to roll over the bicycles and riders.

Jonathan Jamison, the tour guide, said “We didn’t even hear the car coming — she just started rolling on us. We were banging on the car as she was rolling over the bikes. There was no stopping, just a blank stare on her face.” One of the riders was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. In addition to physical injuries, several of the bicycles were severely damaged in the accident.

The owner of the tour company, Ryan Bergeron, is upset because he feels the NOPD should have conducted the investigation in a different manner, including administering a field sobriety test to the driver of the vehicle. Bergeron complains that the woman was allowed to leave after being on the scene for almost three hours. He also alleges the officer did not attempt to take statements from victims or witnesses. The NOPD could not comment on an ongoing investigation.

Gathering Information At The Accident Scene

We cannot comment on the validity of the comments in the above news story; however, it does illustrate an important fact that everyone should know about accidents.

Always take pictures of the accident scene and obtain witness contact information if possible!

You should not rely on police officers to take pictures or obtain witness information at every accident scene. If you are physically able to take pictures from a safe location, do so. It is wise to keep a disposable camera in your vehicle for such an occasion. If your phone is damaged, you have the camera as a backup. Likewise, if you are unable to take pictures, a bystander might do so for you with the disposable camera.

Also, make sure you obtain the names and contact information for any witnesses at the accident scene. In many cases, witnesses leave the scene before the police arrive. If you obtain the information before witnesses leave, you can provide this to your attorney. Eyewitness testimony can be a powerful piece of evidence in a car accident case. You do not want to take the chance this evidence will be lost if you have the opportunity to get the information at the accident scene.

Call A New Orleans Car Accident Attorney For Help

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