The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it is investigating reports of balding, hair damage, hair loss, rashes, and itching associated with the use of Wen Hair Products. The FDA warns that consumers who experience a reaction after using the products should stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist. The FDA also urges consumers to continue to report any reactions from using these products.

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Complaints By Consumers

The Today Show and other media outlets have produced news reports regarding the side effects associated with Wen Hair Products. The Today Show reports that 127 customers have filed complaints with the FDA regarding Wen products. This is the largest number of reports filed regarding a hair cleansing product. The FDA is investigating more than 21,000 complaints against Guthy Renker, LLC and Chaz Dean, Inc.

In a statement to the Today Show, the company said in part, “The Wen by Chaz Dean family cares deeply about everyone’s hair health. We encourage people who inquire about any hair issues to seek qualified medical assistance because it is a complex topic. WEN® by Chaz Dean is safe, and millions of bottles have been sold over the last 16 years. We have consistently cooperated with the FDA and will continue to do so. We love our brand and our customers.”

However, as the article states, a quick internet search reveals hundreds of complaints about Wen products. One person stated, “My hair was coming out in clumps in my hands as I washed and rinsed it,” one reviewer wrote. “I would have a palm full of hair.”

For the thousands of women who experience hair loss, baldness, and rashes after using Wen Hair Products, the reality of the matter is all too real.

A Potential Settlement

People magazine is reporting that the parties have reached an agreement in the class action lawsuit against Guthy Renker, LLC and Chaz Dean, Inc. According to reports, the defendants have agreed to pay $26.25 million to settle the class-action lawsuit. A Southern California federal judge has approved the settlement. Before any settlement payments can be made to victims, a United States District Court Judge must approve the settlement proposal.

If approved, the settlement could mean a payment of up to $20,000 for individual claims. Guthy Renker, LLC and Chaz Dean, Inc. continue to deny that the hair products cause hair loss or other adverse conditions.

Have You Lost Your Hair After Using Wen Hair Products?

If you have experienced hair loss, rashes, or other adverse reactions after using Wen Hair Products, you may have a claim against one or more individuals or companies. However, you must act quickly to protect your right to recover compensation for your damages. You have a limited time to file a claim against the companies and individuals responsible for your hair loss.

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