Thousands of people are killed and injured each year in commercial truck accidents. Almost three-fourths of the injuries and deaths in truck accidents are people in other vehicles. Commercial trucks are essential to our economy because they provide a cost-effective means of transporting goods throughout the country. Unfortunately, these large vehicles pose a real threat to everyone on the road. A collision with a large truck can result in permanent, life-changing conditions that result in substantial physical, emotional, and financial damages.

Common Causes of Large Truck Accidents

There are many reasons why a large truck is involved in a traffic accident.  Some of the most common reasons for large truck accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Drugged driving or driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Aggressive driving or road rage
  • Drowsy and fatigued driving
  • Inexperienced or improperly trained drivers
  • Defective parts
  • Improper maintenance
  • Hazardous road conditions
  • Improper cargo loading

As you can see, many of the reasons why large trucks are involved in traffic accidents are attributed to driver error or negligence. In some cases, the truck company is also liable for damages because it encouraged or had knowledge of the factors that contributed to the crash.

However, a third party is responsible for some commercial truck accidents. For example, if a defective brake results in a truck accident, the designer and manufacturer of the brake may be held liable for the damages. Likewise, a mechanic who performs fault work could be held liable if the faulty repairs result in a truck accident.

Improperly Loaded Cargo

Like defective products and faulty repairs, improperly loaded cargo can result in a commercial truck accident. Truck companies and shippers are required to know and follow the rules for securing cargo properly as set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Improperly secured cargo can result in balance issues that contribute to a collision. If the cargo is loaded incorrectly, it can shift causing the trailer to become unstable and the truck to crash. Improperly loaded cargo can also cause the trailer to be heavier on one side making a roller over accident more likely.

Another problem with improperly loaded cargo is the weight of the cargo.  Some shippers load more cargo than is allowed on a trailer trying to save money by shipping more goods in one load. However, an overloaded trucked can be extremely dangerous on the road. The truck cannot stop as quickly, and the added weight puts additional stress on the tires and axels. In both cases, the extra weight can cause the driver to lose control of the truck and crash.

Holding A Shipper Responsible For Damages

If a third party, such as a shipper, is responsible for contributing to the cause of a truck accident, that party can be held liable for damages resulting from the accident. It is important to determine who is responsible for a truck accident because you must name the correct party if you want to recover compensation for your injuries. Only the responsible party can be held liable for damages.

Therefore, you want to hire a New Orleans truck accident attorney who has experience investigating truck accident cases to determine fault. By naming all of the parties involved in a truck accident case, you increase your chance of recovering full compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses.

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