The number of Taxotere lawsuits continue to grow as more breast cancer survivors come forward to report permanent hair loss (alopecia) from using Taxotere during their cancer treatment. These women are suing the drug manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis, for failing to properly warn patients of the potential for permanent hair loss, among other allegations.

Cancer patients often expect to lose their hair during chemotherapy because hair loss is a common temporary side effect associated with chemotherapy. However, patients expect their hair to grow back after the treatment is stopped, as it does in most cases. Sadly, Sanofi-Aventis did not begin warning patients of this potentially permanent side effect until just recently.

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Drug Manufacturer Knew Of Permanent Side Effects For Decades

Evidence has surfaced revealing that the risk of the potential for permanent hair loss from Taxotere use has been known for years. Taxotere was first used to treat breast cancer in 1996. Within a few years, the first report linking Taxotere to permanent hair loss was reported by Dr. Sedlacek, an oncologist. Dr. Sedlacek reported that more than six percent of patients using Taxotere reported permanent hair loss. After Dr. Sedlacek had made his results known, other reports continued to discuss the permanent hair loss associated with Taxotere.

Even though evidence existed relating permanent hair loss to the drug, Sanofi-Aventis still failed to warn patients and doctors of this potentially devastating side effect. The FDA only began warning of permanent hair loss associated with Taxotere in December 2015 — more than 20 years after the drug was approved to treat breast cancer.

Your Right To Be Informed Of Potential Side Effects

As a patient, you have the right to be informed of all potential side effects and risks of using a drug or choose a treatment plan before you begin using the drug or taking the treatment. If a drug manufacturer fails to inform patients and doctors, patients have the right to see compensation for their losses.

Breast cancer survivors who chose to use Taxotere to treat their cancer were not given a choice to decide whether to proceed with treatment. The opportunity to make this choice was denied by the drug manufacturer hiding the information from the public.

The defective drug attorneys of The Olinde Law firm are helping women facing a lifetime of baldness file Taxotere lawsuits against Sanofi-Aventis seeking compensation for their damages and losses. No patient should be required to make a decision as important as their type of cancer treatment without having all the facts. It is time to hold Big Pharma responsible for its grossly negligent actions in denying patients their right to be informed when deciding how to treat their cancer.

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