A traffic accident claimed two lives on Interstate 10 near LaPlace, Louisiana while injuring several others. A bus with around 40 workers was headed to Baton Rouge to help in the cleanup effort after the flooding. The wreck occurred just west of New Orleans, near Lake Pontchartrain, at the site of another accident and stopped traffic.

A bus driven by an undocumented immigrant was traveling on the interstate when it came upon a blocked scene where firefighters were working a minor accident. The bus hit a fire truck before veering across the lane and hitting other vehicles. It then struck three firefighters knocking them over the guardrail.

Two other vehicles were stopped behind the emergency vehicles at the scene of the original crash. The bus hit a Toyota Camry, shoving it into the back of another vehicle and flatbed trailer. Of the three firefighters who were struck by the bus, one died at the hospital.  A second firefighter was taken to a hospital with moderate injuries while the third was airlifted to New Orleans with critical injuries.

A passenger in the rear of the Camry died at the scene while two other people in the vehicle were injured. The second vehicle had three adult and two minor passengers. The adults and the children were taken to a hospital. Over half of the passengers from the bus were also taken to hospitals for treatment. The driver was indicted on several charges.

A Tragic, Heartbreaking Accident Highlights The Long-Term Impact on Accident Victims

This case is a tragedy for everyone involved. However, it reiterates the importance of contacting a New Orleans car accident lawyer to represent you in a personal injury claim if you are injured in a car accident. Each of these people who were injured will face medical expenses for the immediate care they receive. In addition, some will have long-term care needs.

The firefighter who died left behind a family, a wife and two children. The loss of income will impact their future, not to mention the emotional loss that is impossible to compensate. In a personal injury claim, you can ask for compensation for your medical costs as well as for your lost salary while you are off work or lost income when the breadwinner in the family dies.

If you have been injured in a traffic accident or you have lost a loved one in a traffic accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your costs. It’s important to find a New Orleans car accident attorney who is experienced in this type of case. Our NoLA accident attorneys listen to the details of your situation and provide legal advice on the next step you should take to protect yourself and to protect your family. Our NoLA personal injury lawyers fight for your rights to a full and fair settlement for your accident injuries.

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