Self-driving cars have been in the news lately due to an accident involving a Tesla crash and another earlier crash involving a Google vehicle. Now we are hearing about self-driving trucks that would not require any human input to operate.  One argument for self-driving trucks is to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents involving commercial trucks.

Commercial Truck Accidents

In 2013, the NHTSA reported 3,964 people died in large truck accidents with 95,000 more people being injured in large truck accidents. Of those who were injured or killed, over 70 percent were occupants of other vehicles. Large truck accidents are extremely dangerous for all other vehicles on the road due to the disparity in the size and weight of the vehicle. Therefore, several different agencies and companies have been working to reduce the risk of truck accidents throughout the United States.

What are Self-Driving Trucks?

One of the newest concepts to reduce the risk of a large truck accident is to remove the human element from the equation. Some sources claim that self-driving commercial vehicles will improve safety and fuel economy. This will work to reduce the cost of shipping goods and those savings can be passed to the consumer. However, some people have their doubts about the wisdom of removing a human driver and leaving the system entirely to a computer.

A semi-autonomous commercial truck is already being tested.   This type of automated vehicle only takes control under certain circumstances. The driver is still in control of the truck; however, if the computer senses the truck is traveling too fast or is too close to another vehicle or object, it will take actions to prevent a collision. The truck is still in the test phase; however, a combination of driver input with enhanced safety features may work well together to reduce large truck accidents.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured in a Large Truck Accident?

If you are injured in a commercial truck accident, it is vital that you contact our office immediately. Truck companies and their insurance providers quickly begin to investigate the accident to reduce their exposure to liability. If you do not act quickly, vital evidence that can be used to prove the truck driver was at fault may be lost or destroyed. Our New Orleans truck accident attorneys take quick action to identify crucial evidence and protect this evidence to use in your case.

Large truck accidents typically involve substantial damages due to the severity of the injuries. You need an experienced NoLA truck accident attorney who understands how to value a truck accident claim correctly to ensure you are receiving full compensation for your damages.

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