Regardless of how you were injured, if you lose income as a result of your injury, you are probably entitled to receive compensation for your lost wages. Examples of personal injury cases where you may be entitled to receive compensation for lost wages include:

  • Truck Accidents
  • Car Wrecks
  • Motorcycle Crashes
  • Defective Drugs
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Wrongful Death
  • Defective Medical Devices and Other Defective Products
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents

Depending on the circumstances, calculating lost wages can be a complex element of a personal injury claim. For example, if you are unable to return to work, lost wages will include your future lost wages based on your age, wages at the time of your injury, your job, and your expected date of retirement. In some cases, your personal injury attorney will hire a financial expert to assist with calculating the amount of future income you have lost due to your injuries from the accident.

It can be especially difficult to determine lost wages if you are self-employed. An experienced NoLA personal injury attorney can help you calculate lost wages so you can receive the maximum compensation allowable by law.

What Are Lost Earnings?

Lost wages encompasses more than just lost wages. Your lost earnings is every financial benefit you have lost due because of your inability to work due to the accident. For example, your lost earnings is calculated by adding together any:

  • Actual lost wages from time missed from work
  • Commissions
  • Missed promotions
  • Bonuses
  • Future lost wages (if unable to return to work)

In addition to the above, lost earnings also includes loss of earning capacity. Loss of earning capacity applies if you are able to return to work but you cannot earn the same income as you did prior to the accident. This could be due to your inability to perform the same work as you did prior to the accident or your inability to work as many hours as you did prior to the accident.

In order to receive the compensation you should receive, it is extremely important to calculate lost wages correctly. The insurance company may fight your claim for lost wages, especially in cases where damages are high. Hiring an experienced New Orleans personal injury attorney is often your best option to protect your right to full compensation for your losses.

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