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Tips for Choosing the Best NoLA Car Accident Attorney for You

When you or a loved one is injured, you want to know the car accident attorney you choose works diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for your accident claim. Below are several tips to consider when searching for a New Orleans car accident attorney.

  • Ask for References – Ask your friends, co-workers, and family for references. Make sure to ask how long it took the attorney to respond to telephone calls; were you passed off to paralegals or other staff members; was the case settled or did it go to trial; and, was the attorney approachable. If you know someone who works within the legal field, ask that person for a reference. People who work within the legal filed, especially the court system, typically know the good attorneys from the poor attorneys.
  • Experience Handling Accident Claims – You need an attorney how regularly handles motor vehicle accident claims. Not all personal injury attorneys handle motor vehicle accidents on a regular basis. Ask the attorney for the percentage of his caseload that is dedicated to car accidents.
  • Sufficient Staff – A good attorney has sufficient staff of legal professionals to help the attorney with cases. Ask to meet the paralegal or associate attorney who will be working on your case. Preparing an accident claim for settlement or trial is a substantial undertaking that requires the teamwork of the attorney, paralegal, legal secretary, and others. A good car accident attorney is the leader of a team of legal professionals who work together to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.
  • Look for a Trial Attorney and a Strong Negotiator – Not all car accident claims go to trial. Some cases settle without a trial; therefore, you want an attorney who is both an exceptional trial attorney and a skilled negotiator. A savvy negotiator knows how to use the information at hand to present a strong argument for the insurance company to settle for a fair amount without the necessity of prolonged litigation. An attorney with both of these skills has the advantage of understanding when a case should settle and when to take a case to trial.
  • Check for Grievances or Complaints – Check with the state bar association for grievances or complaints filed against the attorney.
  • Choose an Attorney You Can Trust – Interview an attorney as if you were hiring him — you are hiring him. You should be able to talk openly with your attorney and feel as if he is listening to you. Your attorney should explain things in a way that you understand them and be available when you need him.

IMPORTANT: If an attorney says you will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars during your initial consultation, be cautious. A good car accident attorney explains that he must conduct a thorough and complete investigation before valuing your claim. An attorney who begins throwing numbers at you is simply trying to get you to hire him.

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