You may answer this question differently depending on your point of view. Some law enforcement officers and emergency responders who see the horrific car crashes, truck accidents, and motorcycle crashes may agree that NoLA has some of the worse drivers in America.  Of course, they are the ones who must notify family members when loved ones have been injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents and they are the ones who see how distracted driving, drunk driving, and other forms for reckless and careless driving can change a person’s life forever.

One new study has ranked 200 of America’s most populous cities according to how safe the cities are for motorists. The study used the following criteria to rank the cities:

  • Rate of fatal crashes;
  • Likelihood of a car crash compared to the national average;
  • Number of years between accidents;
  • Average annual auto insurance rates;
  • The risk of auto theft; and,
  • The risk of a vehicle break in.

After compiling all of the data, Nerd Wallet released its list of the worst and best cities for motorists. Louisiana did not have any cities in the top 20 best cities for motorists but it did have two cities in the top 10 list of worst cities in America for motorists.

Baton Rouge and New Orleans in Top 10 Worst Cities

for Motorists

Baton Rouge ranked as the second worst city for motorists according to Nerd Wallet. The average years between accidents for drivers in Baton Rouge is 7.9 years with a 27.2 percent chance of being involved in a car accident relative to the national average. Baton Rouge may be the second city on the list but it had the highest rate of fatal crashes per 100,000 residents (16.6).

New Orleans just skirted the top five list coming in sixth on Nerd Wallet’s list of worst cities for drivers. The average years between accidents for drivers in New Orleans is 7.4 years and the likelihood of an accident relative to the national average is 34.4 percent (higher than Baton Rouge). The rate of fatal accidents per 100,000 residents is just a little lower than Baton Rouge’s score at 12.5 percent.

What Does This Mean For Drivers in New Orleans?

Drivers in New Orleans pay higher insurance rates according to Nerd Wallet because of the risk of auto accidents and other data compiled by insurance companies. The average insurance rate for drivers in New Orleans is actually higher than Baton Rouge. Drivers in New Orleans pay an average of $3,289.82 per year for automobile insurance compared to drivers in Baton Rouge who pay an average of $2,624.29 annually for automobile insurance.

NoLA Car Accidents

Anyone who has been in traffic in and around New Orleans already knows that car and truck accidents are common on our roads. Some New Orleans car accidents are minor with no injuries; however, that is not the typical case. Most people involved in a car or truck accident have some injuries in addition to the property damage caused by the collision. Who pays for the costs of a motor vehicle accident?

If you are involved in an accident caused by another driver, that driver’s insurance should pay your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and other damages. However, insurance companies do not always treat accident victims fairly.

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