New Orleans is a great city to visit and live. The rich history and beautiful landscapes surrounding the city are both inviting and exciting to experience. Many people in New Orleans own and enjoy motorcycles. They find motorcycles are a great form of inexpensive transportation in addition to being a fantastic way to see the city and experience the sights. Many tourists ride motorcycles to New Orleans to enjoy the open road. Unfortunately, not all drivers pay enough attention to the road to avoid being in an accident with a motorcycle. Drivers routinely pass motorcyclists in unsafe ways, rear end motorcycles, and turn in front of motorcycles causing tragic accidents.

Motorcycle Riders Are Not Nearly As Well Protected As Drivers Of Passenger Vehicles

Because of the size difference between a motorcycle and other vehicles, the risk of severe and traumatic injuries to the rider is high. A motorcycle does not offer the same protection as passenger vehicles. The result of a crash between a motorcycle and another vehicle is often life-altering injury to the rider. Regardless of the severity of the injury, a motorcycle rider has the right to receive compensation from an at-fault driver who causes a motorcycle accident. The types and amounts of damages available in a motorcycle accident depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident.

What Damages Can I Seek in a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Damages in a motorcycle accident can be catastrophic. Severe and traumatic injuries require expensive medical treatments. The motorcyclist may not be able to return to work for weeks, months, or even years following a motorcycle accident. Therefore, the damages in a motorcycle accident tend to be quite substantial. Due to this, insurance companies aggressively fight motorcycle accident claims. They try to blame the rider for the accident in order to decrease the amount of money the insurance company must pay to the rider for his or her damages. An experienced New Orleans accident injury attorney understands how to fight against these insurance companies to protect your right to receive compensation for your damages.

Depending on your accident and your injuries, you may be entitled to receive the following damages in a motorcycle accident claim:

  • Medical Expenses – Your injuries may be so severe that you may require ongoing medical treatment, physical therapy, and personal care. You are entitled to be compensated for future medical expenses in addition to the medical bills you have incurred through the date of the settlement. You need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who understands how to value a claim and who has the resources and experts available to calculate the exact amount of past and future medical bills for your motorcycle accident claim.
  • Lost Wages – Your motorcycle accident claim will include compensation for any past and future lost wages. Our experienced vehicle accident attorneys will look at all sources of income, including wages, pensions, retirement, raises, bonuses, etc., when calculating the claim for lost wages in your motorcycle accident.
  • Property Damage – Motorcycles are expensive; therefore, you want to ensure you receive the maximum allowable compensation for your property damage. Repairing your motorcycle may not be possible — having an experienced motorcycle accident attorney will ensure you receive the true value of your motorcycle if it cannot be repaired.
  • Physical Pain and Emotional Distress – This type of damage is difficult to quantify. Our attorneys have extensive experience in valuing a motorcycle accident claim to include an amount sufficient to compensate you for your pain and suffering due to a negligent driver.
  • Other Compensatory Damages – You may have other damages depending on your motorcycle accident claim. We encourage you to speak with one of our experienced NoLA personal injury attorneys to evaluate your motorcycle accident claim. You only have a limited time to file a claim; therefore, contact our office now to speak with an attorney.

Contact an Experienced NoLA Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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