As experienced NoLA car accident attorneys, we advise that you do not settle your car accident claim until you have consulted with an attorney. While some claims may be simple, most car accident claims involve complex factors and elements. We understand Louisiana personal injury laws; therefore, we can calculate the value of your car accident claim so the insurance company does not take advantage of you by offering a lower amount than your claim is actually worth.

Valuing a New Orleans Car Accident Claim

The insurance company for the at-fault driver does not have your best interest as a priority when it offers to settle your car accident claim. The insurance company is trying to protect its profit margin by offering the least amount possible to settle the claim. However, our top priority is to protect your right to receive a fair and just settlement for your losses. If this requires filing a car accident lawsuit, that is what we will do. We will not stop fighting for you until there is no fight left to fight. You can take some steps after a vehicle crash to help us get you the maximum compensation for your car accident claim.

  • Go to the doctor. Take care of yourself first. Protect your health by seeking medical assistance immediately.
  • Do not discuss the car accident claim with the insurance company. Insurance companies want you to provide a written or recorded statement before you consult an attorney. The company will use what you say against you to try to lower the amount it must pay to settle your car accident claim. Call our NoLA personal injury law firm and let us handle dealing with the insurance company.
  • Do not sign a medical release. The insurance company will tell you it needs a signed medical release to obtain copies of your medical records to verify your injuries. While this sounds logical, it is a tactic used by many companies to obtain all of your medical records. The company analyzes your medical history to determine if it can use any previous health conditions against you in the car accident claim.
  • Avoid using social media. During your recovery, avoid social media. What you say on social media can be misinterpreted. Whatever is placed on the internet is there forever and it is accessible to the other side through subpoenas. It is best if you refrain from using social media. At the very least, never discuss the accident or your condition online.
  • Begin a journal. A journal helps your attorney understand how your injuries affected your daily life. It also records the physical pain and emotional distress you experience as you recover. This information will be very useful when the attorney is calculating non-financial damages (i.e. pain and suffering). A journal is also very helpful if you must go to court a year or more after the accident. The journal entries will help remind you of how you struggled in the months following the accident so you can provide accurate testimony for the jury.

As we investigate the car crash, our investigators work to identify and preserve evidence which will substantiate the value of your car accident claim. In some cases, we may hire experts to assist in the valuing of a claim to ensure you receive the maximum compensation allowable by law. If you settle with the insurance company directly, you may not receive a fair and just settlement for your losses.

NoLA Car Accident Law Firm Wants to Help You

The car accident attorneys of the Olinde Firm want to help you with your car accident claim. Let our attorneys deal with the insurance company and legalities of settling a car accident claim while you focus on what is truly important — your recover and your family.

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