Car Recall Announced by Hyundai for Brake Light Problem

Hyundai announced a forthcoming recall covering nearly 305,000 of its Sonata midsize cars because a defect in the brake lights that may cause them to stay on when the driver is not actually applying the brakes. This defect in the Hyundai Sonata may cause other drivers to think the car is stopping when it is not, causing confusion and accidents.

According to Hyundai, the problem’s source is the stopper pad between the brake pedal and the plunger which turns the brake lights on and off. The stopper pads on the Sonata are deteriorating unusually fast, causing the plunger to stick and keep the brake lights on. The problem is limited to Sonatas from the 2011 and 2012 model years.

Brake Lights Not The Only Problem With Hyundai Vehicles

However, more frightening is Hyundai’s claim that the same problem in the stopper pad could allow the transmission to shift out of park without the brake first being applied, and may cause the system that lets the brakes override the gas pedal to fail. Hyundai says no crashes or injuries have been reported.

Although no date has been set for the recall to start, Hyundai is planning to tell owners to take their cars to dealers to have the stopper pad replaced shortly. If you or someone you know owns a Hyundai Sonata affected by the recall, we urge you to take action on this recall to avoid possible danger from a defective automobile.

Louisiana Lawyers Helping Those Injured By Defective Products

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