In 2011, birth control pills manufactured by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Endo Pharmaceuticals, voluntarily recalled its own defective product when a packaging mistake was discovered. Now, more than 100 women have filed suit against the company because they were misled by the packaging.

Pills Packaged Backwards

According to the lawsuit, the packaging containing the birth control pills was rotated 180 degrees, leading women to take placebo pills when they should have been taking active pills. Accordingly, even when women took the birth control medication as directed, it failed to prevent pregnancies as intended or advertised.

The lawsuit is being brought by more than 100 women, most of whom carried their pregnancies to term. These women are seeking financial damages for their pain, suffering, lost wages and child-rearing expenses which have resulted from the unexpected and unplanned pregnancies.

A spokeswoman for Endo Pharmaceuticals said the company is aware of the complaint, but does not comment on pending or ongoing litigation. In a statement, she noted there is no new or recent product recall, and emphasized that “patient safety is our top priority.”

It is difficult to say how this litigation is going to play out given the sensitive issues on all sides of the case. However, we will follow this defective drug lawsuit and post updates when and if they become available.

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