Argentina has a lot of two lane roads – one in each direction. So many, that semi trucks are forced to use them to transport their cargo amidst regular passenger vehicles. People driving cars are often stuck behind a tractor trailer, unable to pass because they can’t see around the big rig. The problem has gotten so bad that an accident happens every hour – most of them being accidents involving somebody trying to pass on a two lane road.

Simple Solution To An Ongoing Problem

Well, Samsung has come up with a very simple solution to this problem by mounting a small camera to the front of the truck and four large video screens to the back of the trailer. The screens display what’s happening in front of the semi truck, so that the driver behind the big rig can easily determine a safe time to pass.

New Orleans Truck Accident Injury Lawyers

As New Orleans truck accident injury lawyers, we are extremely glad to see this new technology making the roadways a safer place. Often, people in a car accident with a semi-truck or big rig suffer far worse injuries than the driver of the 18 wheeler. Our practice sees too many people seriously injured in an accident with a huge big rig, and hopefully, this new idea from Samsung will mitigate some of the injuries we see. If you are ever involved in a trucking accident, we can help you by providing legal counsel about your rights to compensation for your injuries sustained in the accident. Contact us for a Free Consultation at any time so that you can make an informed decision about your situation.