Last week, two separate traffic accidents on the I-10 caused traffic problems for drivers early Monday morning. The first accident occurred on the High Rise Bridge, causing traffic problems back to Morrison Road. The crash had the center lane blocked. Also, on Monday morning, the entrance ramp from Orleans Avenue to the I-10 was closed because of another traffic accident.

Traffic accidents are becoming common for commuters on Interstate 10. Last month, a person was killed in a traffic accident on I-10 in New Orleans East at the Morrison Road exit. It was the second fatal traffic accident in two days at that exit. The New Orleans Police Department reported an overturned vehicle on the westbound side of I-10 at the Morrison Road exit.

The day before a man was killed and three people injured in another wreck at the Morrison Road exit. Four people were discovered in an overturned vehicle. One man was transported to University Medical Center where he died because of his injuries. Earlier in January, a pedestrian was knocked over a guardrail by a vehicle near the High Rise Bridge on I-10 according to the New Orleans Police Department. The incident occurred in I-10 West between the Franklin Avenue and Lousia Street exits.

Interstate Accidents in New Orleans

The interstate is supposed to make travel more efficient and quicker than taking the long way through crowded city streets and country town. However, our interstates have become congested with traffic. In addition, some drivers exceed safe speed limits and drive recklessly. Furthermore, we share the interstate with large commercial trucks that can be potentially deadly in a truck accident. Therefore, is it safe to drive on the interstate in New Orleans?

Yes, most of the time it is safe to use the interstate in New Orleans. However, it is also prudent to be aware that some drivers will not obey traffic laws thereby putting others at risk. You can take steps to reduce your risk of being involved in an interstate accident by avoiding all distractions, driving at a safe speed, and never tailgating. You may not be able to control the actions of other drivers, but you can control your actions.

What Do I Do After an Interstate Accident?

Call 911 immediately to request emergency services and law enforcement officers. If possible, remain in your vehicle to avoid being hit by another vehicle as you stand outside or attempt to cross the road. If it is unsafe to remain in your car, you must use extreme caution when exiting the vehicle and crossing the road to a safe location.

If you do not go directly to the emergency room, you need to see your family doctor within a few days. It is important to ensure that you are not suffering from an injury that has not presented any symptoms. It is also important to document injuries for your accident claim.

After taking care of yourself, contact our office to speak with a NoLA car accident attorney. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries from the driver who caused the crash.

Call an Accident Attorney in New Orleans

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